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About Me

Hello! I am Deepali and am honored to be a part of your enriching journey.

My journey began many years ago when I enrolled in the University of Metaphysical Sciences to explore the many questions about existence, purpose, myself. It has been an enriching one! Among many subjects, I was most attracted to topics such as hypnosis, spiritual transformation, the healing power of the mind, which led me to pursue further studies to hone my skills in these areas. I have become much open to the higher power - although invisible, yet always present - that protects and guides us if we let it.

​I believe learning never ends. We need to have an open mind and we will be amazed by the knowledge that exists to enrich us. The mind is knowledgeable and can lead to a powerful transformation of self, encompassing healing at many levels. By harnessing it, you will be amazed that many issues and discomforts we experience - due to habits that we would like to change, such as, quitting smoking, losing unwanted weight, maintaining optimal health – can be resolved if we just allow and trust it to happen. The same goes with getting rid of dis-eases that have no causes or reasons to reside in us, getting rid of fears and undesirable behaviors, etc.

We are our healing self. By trusting the power in us, we transform ourselves into the pure and pristine white lotus.

Thank you for giving me and yourself this opportunity to grow with you through this gift of spiritual hypnosis. I look forward to working with you!

Education and Certifications

Certified Hypotist
National Guild of Hynotists

Bachelor in Metaphysics
University of Metaphysical Sciences

Certified Reiki Practitioner

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