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The Process

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

                                                                                                                                         - Albert Einstein


First of all, every session at White Lotus is confidential. Strict privacy of our clients and their sessions are maintained.

Secondly, every session is conducted with intentions of highest benefit and outcomes for you.

The first session begins with an intake process to understand what part of your life you are looking to take control of. Sometimes, you might be unclear about what you want to transform. At times, you may not want to share the reason for the session. At White Lotus, we facilitate energy shifts and transformations through the innate wisdom of your mind. This part of your mind is connected to the wisdom and knowledge, it knows the cause and the solution of the matter at hand. It knows what is needed for your utmost benefit and always works in your best interest. As long as you are open to possibilities, beneficial work is possible that will amaze you.

​The connection with one's wise mind is done through hypnosis. Contrary to common belief, hypnosis is not relaxation. We are in hypnosis many times a day when we are intensely involved in our work or when watching an engaging series or a movie or a game! During the session, we intentionally reach that state and much deeper states (that we may have also experienced during deep meditation!) to begin on the work with our wise mind.

I, then, take you on a journey of self, where you can heal the hurts of the past, release negative notions that bind or block your progress. The process provides the mental and emotional foundation to assist you to move forward into more confident version of yourself.

This powerful healing, guided by the power of your wise mind, takes into account and changes not just the issue at hand but everything that surrounds the issue. It encompasses healing at many levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, soul, karmic, cellular, inter-dimensional, and more. 


Each session is one hour long. Based on the complexity of an issue, the desired outcome may be achieved within three to four sessions. Sometimes, it may take fewer sessions, and at times, more sessions may be needed. Below is what each session entails.


Remember, you are always in control and in the driver seat, doing all the essential work through your mind, and I am just the navigator! All you need is to be Open to Possibilities!

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