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What some clients are saying...

Red Gerbera

Healing Trauma

I had always heard about meditation and how you can connect with your higher mind via deep mediation or hypnosis but I never had that experience. I have been dealing with many emotional issues, which were affecting me and my family in a negative way for last two years. I did not know how to cleanse out and get out of that circle of emotions. White Lotus helped me to break that circle via deep hypnosis. It stirred all my emotions for a few days and the underlying issues that I did not even know existed. After that cleansing process, I have clarity, control on my emotions and am able to make rational decisions. That fogginess is completely gone. I am able to let go of the issues that I was unknowingly holding on to for so long. I am very thankful to White Lotus for helping me get out of my darkest times.

Healing Self-Image, Behaviors, and Habits

I’ve been interested in the subconscious for it’s healing and personal growth potential for a while. I felt it could help me with my challenges. As a private person, peeling back layers meant the practitioner had to be a person I trust deeply as well as competent. Deepali met my criteria. She answered my questions and so I understood what to expect from every aspect of the session. After the session there is improvement in self-acceptance and self image as well as a reduction in cravings. I feel I am more authentic, more at peace, and those close to me notice it.

Yellow Flowers
Green Leaves

Healing the Body

Thank you for healing me!! I had occasional pain in my feet that could not be diagnosed. It affected my exercise routine. After consultation with White Lotus, I booked a two hour session. Since then, I have not felt the pain again. I will be booking a follow-up session soon.

Healing a Loved One

As a parent of a tough seven year old child, I sought White Lotus to be able to be patient with my child, be a better parent, and increase our bond. As a hypnotist, Deepali is very patient, listens, and takes the time to explain. After just two sessions, I have seen tremendous improvement in my son - he has become more focused, and yet is a naughty seven year old, which I cherish too. I am happy and he is better and better!

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